Welcome to Prestige National Talent Competition!

For the last 13 years, founder Kristal Venters has worked as a studio owner/competition team director. The vision for PNT was created to strengthen and inspire our competitive industry as a whole.

After years of attending countless competitions, our team is driven to give the BEST experience possible to our competitive dancers. With customer service being our top priority, we aim to create a world class dance experience for ALL of our regional and national shows. Everyone who enters our doors will truly feel appreciated.

Not only is PNT dedicated to recognizing dancers from all across the nation, we are PROUD to celebrate and recognize teachers, choreographers, and parents as well. Our gorgeous stages will be shared by thousands of performers who will all have their opportunity to shine in a positive, rewarding, and exhilarating setting.

PNT is more than just another dance competition. Our unique history within the competitive dance industry gives us a very tailored approach to our events. Our main goal is to foster a team building experience both on and off stage, while promoting the extraordinary confidence it takes to be a performer.

What Sets Us Apart

Our photo & video studio packages will be available to you via the dance bug for unbelievably low prices.

All regional and national events will be live streamed!

ON-TIME EVENTS! Scheduling that makes sense.

Rules and Regulations will be top of the line! Offering:

  • NEW judging criteria based on YOUR desires.
  • Fair and ethical judging.
  • Level promotions
  • Level calculators
  • Comprehensive dance skill sets
  • Prop guidelines
  • Industry leading judges in EACH specific genre. It’s important to us that your experience is top of the line.

PNT has additional prizes for our teachers and choreographers as well. All of our regional events will feature a VIP teacher/studio owner lounge where food and beverages will be provided.

On behalf of everyone at PNT, we want to say THANK YOU for being a part of our family. Our team is ready to inspire dancers and create lifelong memories together.